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Vol.1 Contents (1949/1950)

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No.1 (1949)

On an analytical method in the theory of independent random variables
Kiyonori Kunisawa (1, 1-77)
PDF (9746KB)

Note on the independence of certain statistics
Kameo Matusita (1, 79-82)
PDF (479KB)

On the independence of bilinear and quadratic forms of a random sample from a normal population
Junjiro Ogawa (1, 83-108)

On the criteria of the independence and the degrees of freedom of statistics and their applications to the analysis of variance
Heihachi Sakamoto (1, 109-122)

No.2 (1950)

A survey method using two kinds of surveys
Hiroshi Midzuno (1, 123-124)

Fragments of a new test formula of normality
Chikio Hayashi (1, 125-130)
PDF (763KB)

Representation of a function by the Fourier-Stieltjes integral
Tatsuo Kawata (1, 131-139)

A remark to the Wald's theory of statistical inference
Kameo Matusita (1, 141-148)
PDF (1244KB)

An outline of the theory of sampling systems
Hiroshi Midzuno (1, 149-156)

On a limit distribution
Tadashi Ugaheri (1, 157-160)

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