Statistical Mathematics Seminars 2008
September, 2008 - December, 2008

Date Title Speaker
   Sep. 10 (Wed.) Analysis of symbolic data Nobuo Shimizu
   Sep. 17 (Wed.) Information geometry of convex programming Takashi Tsuchiya
   Oct.  1 (Wed.) Rare event sampling by Markov Chain Monte Carlo: Random matrix, network and all that Yukito Iba
   Oct.  8 (Wed.) Data assimilation in the shop-floor and service technologies Tomoyuki Higuchi
   Oct. 15 (Wed.) Discussion on dependence relationship between genetic operators in real-coded GA

Hiroshi Someya

   Oct. 22 (Wed.) Reconsideration on "Ghost Survey": Reason vs. anti-reason Ryozo Yoshino
   Oct. 29 (Wed.) A puzzle of the evolution revealed by DNA analyses

Ying Cao

   Nov. 12 (Wed.) On statistical literacy

Makio Ishiguro

   Nov. 19 (Wed.) Molecular evolution and molecular phylogeny

Jun Adachi

   Nov. 26 (Wed.) A consideration on estimation of prediction error

Tadayoshi Fushiki

   Dec.  3 (Wed.) Two-directional searching algorithm and forest management

Atsushi Yoshimoto

   Dec. 10 (Wed.) Asymptotically distribution free tests for diffusion process: Some applications based on simulated trajectories and real data

Ilia Negri
(University of Bergamo, Italy)

   Dec. 17 (Wed.) Factorization of polynomials relationg to decoding of algebraic geometric codes

Naomasa Maruyama

   Dec. 24 (Wed.) Theoretical analysis of a single neuron communication channel

Shiro Ikeda

Place:Kenshuu-shitsu, the 2nd floor,
           the annex building of the Institute of Statistical Mathematics

Time: 1:30-2:30 p.m.(Free)    
1:00 p.m.


Updated: October 24, 2008