Asia Pacific Values Survey

― USA 2010 Survey ―

Research ObjectsAdult U.S. citizens aged 18 and older.
Sample Number5,498
Response Rate
Response Number and Rate1,002 (18.2%)
No one home2,328 (42.3%)
Refuse1,095 (19.9%)
Not qualified/eligible1,073 (19.5%)

*There are some text errors in the Survey Report. However, they may have no effect on the past analyses because the differences are quite small and the response number is correct.
Sampling MethodQuotas based on the total 18 and older population were established across the regions as well as for city size/type.
Research PeriodField interviewing began during the first week of December, 2010 and was concluded on January 31, 2011.
Reserach MethodFace-to-face interviewing method
QuestionnaireA questionnaire is printed on pp.186-201 of USA 2010 Survey Report (ISM Reserach Report No.104)
Detailed Cross TabulationsYou can view detailed cross tabulation tables of some attributes.
JapanUSABeijingShanghaiHong KongTaiwan
South KoreaSingaporeAustraliaIndiaVietnam