Outline and Features of Education and Research

Outline and Features of Education and Research

Our mission

Objective of the School of Multidisciplinary Sciences in Fostering Professional Development

The School of Multidisciplinary Science conducts education and research on complex natural and social phenomena, and the systems that govern the occurrence, function, and interaction of these phenomena, based on both specialized perspectives and comprehensive or interdisciplinary perspectives. In this way, the School aims to nurture individuals with high-level expertise and the ability to carve out new fields.

Objective of the Department of Statistical Science in Fostering Professional Development

The Department of Statistical Science aims to cultivate individuals who possess creative research skills to contribute to solving various important intricately-intertwined problems. To this end, the Department conducts education and research related to the basics, mathematics and applications of data collection designs, modeling, inference and prediction, and equip students with the ability to extract information and knowledge from the real world based on the effective use of data.

Our specialty

The Department of Statistical Science is one of the few comprehensive doctoral programs in statistical science in Japan, and has accepted students from a wide range of academic fields. Education and research in all aspects of statistical science is conducted by faculty members specializing in a variety of fields, from theory to application.

The Institute of Statistical Mathematics, which is the foundation of the department, is equipped with a supercomputer dedicated to statistical science and a wide variety of software.

The Institute of Statistical Mathematics has an extensive library covering a wide variety of journals and books on statistical and mathematical sciences.

The Institute of Statistical Mathematics, as a joint research institute, frequently holds research meetings and seminars presented by visiting professors and researchers from Japan and abroad. Students are encouraged to partcipate in these seminars and interact with the presenters.

Students have the opportunity to participate in different research projects through collaborations with other universities and research institutes.