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For Those Working with Our Survey Projects

What We Study

The Survey Science NOE aims to accomplish the following 5 goals.

Effective Utilization of the Survey Data Resources

We aim to successively organize a structure for utilizing the survey data resources that the Institute of Statistical Mathematics has been accumulating for over 50 years – the Study of the Japanese National Character, the series of cross-national comparative studies, and all other related projects – in and for the broader civil society.

Utilization of the System for Cooperative Research Program

Through our Cooperative Research Program, we aim to create a structure that can supply the survey data resources for advanced analytical research.  In particular, we aim to advance cooperation among universities in and outside of Japan, research institutions, and other related organizations at the national level to provide education and raise awareness of the researchers and students involved in practical social research.

Effective Utilization of the Basis of Research on Methodology

We aim to further develop and promote its use in society the research on methodologies on sampling and social survey that we have been studying and developing through the years of accumulating survey data resources.  In particular, we aim to form close relations with domestic universities that are the centers of academic activities in their localities, and provide opportunities in practical survey research for researchers and students involved in the craft of social research.

Effective Utilization of the Theories for Interpreting Social Research Data

Building on the methodology for quantitative analysis of survey research data that we have been studying and developing, we aim to further improve upon and promote its use in wider society the theories for interpreting research data.

Education Through Open-to-Public Seminars

In collaboration with the Japanese Association for Social Research, we offer several courses needed as part of requirements to obtain the certificates for “Specialists in Social Research” and “Advanced Specialists in Social Research “, thereby strengthening the educational programs on social research and increasing the skills of working adults.