Vol.47, No.2 (1999) Contents

Vol.47, No.2

Special Topic: Information Criteria
273-275 On the Special Issue "Information Criteria"
277-290 Application of Akaike Information Criterion to Fish Population Dynamics
291-306 Automatic Identification of the Large Scale Field Aligned Current Systems as an Example of Knowledge Discovery from the Large Database
Tomoyuki HIGUCHI
307-326 The Role of AIC on the Construction of Multivariate Structural Time Series Model
Fumiyo N. KONDO
327-342 Filtering and Prediction of Non-Gaussian Time Series via Jump Diffusion Process
Mitsunori IINO and Tohru OZAKI
343-358 Kullback-Leibler Information Approach for Selecting Pharmacokinetic Sampling Points
Akifumi YAFUNE, Makio ISHIGURO and Genshiro KITAGAWA
359-373 Nonlinear Regression Models Using B-spline and Information Criteria
Seiya IMOTO and Sadanori KONISHI
375-394 Generalized Information Criterion GIC and the Bootstrap
Genshiro KITAGAWA and Sadanori KONISHI
395-424 Technical Aspects of Information Criterion Statistics

425-454 Abstracts of Research Works in 1998

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