Vol.45, No.1 (1997) Contents

Vol.45, No.1

Special Topic: Development of Software for Statistics 2
1-11 A Programming Language of the Regression Analysis Supporting System RASS
Ikunori KOBAYASHI and Junji NAKANO
13-22 Dynamic Scatterplot Matrix and Its Implementation of Lisp-Stat
Masahiro MIZUTA and Tomoyuki TARUMI
23-40 A New Step from Data Analysis to Data Science - How can We Spread Statistical Knowledge to Our Nation in Collaboration with Statistical Software, WWW and AI Technologies? -
41-47 A WWW Interface for the Statistical Package SHAZAM
Junji NAKANO and Kenneth J. WHITE
49-67 Real Stats, Real Easy - SPSS, a Useful Statistics Products -
Masayuki HAYASHI
69-78 A Series Titled "Handbook of Statistical Analysis with Programs for Personal Computers" and Its Including Programs
Atsuhiro HAYASHI
79-88 On the Statistical Information on the Internet Networking in JAPAN Domain

89-105 Utility Function for Travel Demand Analysis under Travel Time Uncertainty
107-123 Basic Parametric Statistical Model Building without Assuming Existence of True Distributions

125-130 Lunar Traction Force and Earthquake Occurrence
Masakazu OHTAKE
131-137 Characteristics of Earthquake Activity in the Southwestern Part of Japan Analysed from the Newly Edited Data Base of Felt Earthquakes since 416 to 1995
Kazuo OIKE
139-143 The Epidemic Type Aftershock Sequence Model for Measuring Seismic Activity from Earthquake Occurrence Data
Yosihiko OGATA

145-157 Statistical Theory of Turbulence and Its Applications
    159-164 ISM Cooperative Research Program (1996)

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