Asia Pacific Values Survey

Japan The US Beijing Shanghai Hong Kong Taiwan South Korea Singapore Australia India Vietnam

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Analysis Results and References

Analysis results. See also Refrences.
Behaviormetrika, Vol.42, No.2 (2015)
Proceedings of the Institute of Statistical Mathematics, 63, 2(2015)

 For more information of each survey, please refer to each Survey Report from the below links.

  • Japan 2010 Survey Report
  • USA 2010 Survey Report
  • Beijing & Shanghai 2011 Survey Report
  • Taiwan 2011 Survey Report
  • Hong Kong 2011 Survey Report
  • Australia 2012 Survey Report
  • South Korea 2012 Survey Report    Supplement: Interviewer Guideline (English version)
  • Singapore 2012 Survey Report
  • India 2013 Survey Report
  • Vietnam 2013 Survey Report
  • Summary Report

  • * The Questionnaire of Japanese edition is printed in pp.5-30 of Summary Report.
    * The Questionnaire of English edition is printed in pp.31-57 of Summary Report.
    * The latest version of History of Items is printed in pp.81-102 of Summary Report.