Internatinal Workshop
on Combinatorics and Statistical Sciences
11th Franco-Japanese Conference

Schedule and Program 
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Program of FJ98:

July 21st, Tuesday

9:00--9:55 Welcome Reception
9:55--10:00 Opening
Session 1-1:
10:30--11:00 OZEKI, Michio A procedure to find deep holes for integral lattices
11:00--11:15 Coffee Break
Session 1-2:
11:15--11:45 CALEGARI, Patrice Evolutionary computing and combinatorial optimization
11:45--12:15 TANEMURA, Masaharu Some Problems of Configuration on the Sphere
12:15--12:45 OGAWA, Tohru 3D Penrose Tiling and Related Topics
12:45--14:00 Lunch Time
Session 1-3:
14:00--14:30 HAYTER, Tony Power Functions of Permutation Invariant Test procedures
14:30--15:00 SHIMODAIRA, Hidetoshi Statistical model selection in phylogenetic inference
and its combinatorial Structure
15:00--15:30 MAEHARA, Hiroshi A variation to the ruin problem
15:30--16:00 Coffee Break
Session 1-4:
16:00--16:30 TSUCHIYA, Morimasa On transformations of posets which have 
the same bound graph
16:30--17:00 SHIOURA, Akiyoshi Polyhedral M-convex and L-convex Functions
17:00--17:30 TAKABATAKE, Takashi Integral polyhedra associated with submodular functions 
defined on {0, 1, 2}S


July 22nd, Wednesday

Attension : Schedule has been changed.
Session 2-1:
9:30--10:00 HACHIMORI, Masahiro Non-constructible triangulations of balls
10:00--10:30 TANUMA, Takayuki The looseness of triangulations on closed surface
10:30--11:00 NEGAMI, Seiya Diagonal flips in pseudo-triangulations on closed surface
11:00--11:15 Coffee Break
Session 2-2:
11:15--11:45 MURAMATSU, Masakazu A primal-dual symmetric simplex method
for network flow problems
11:45--12:15 NAKAMOTO, Atsuhiro Quadrangulations on closed surfaces 
covered by vertices of degree 2, 3 and 4
12:15--12:45 NIELSEN, Frank On Discriminating Geometric Objects and Its Relatives
12:45--14:00 Lunch Time
Session 2-3:
14:00--14:30 TOKUNAGA, Shin-ichi Straight-line embeddings of three rooted trees 
in the plane
14:30--15:00 YOSHIMOTO, Kiyoshi The connectivities of leaf graphs of sets of points
in the plane
15:00--15:30 Coffee Break
Session 2-4:
15:30--16:00 KASHIWABARA, Kenji Combinatorial Structures of Associated Polyhedra of
Set functions
16:00--16:30 NARUSHIMA, Hiroshi On extremal problem of MPR-posets I
16:30--17:00 SAKUMA, Tadashi On the Flip Operations of 
Clique-Acyclic Orientations of Graphs
17:30-- Reception Party at ISM

July 23rd, Thursday

Session 3-1:
9:30--10:00 IMAI, Hiroshi Applications of the Voronoi Diagram by the Statistical
10:00--10:30 UEDA, Sumie Construction of Family Tree from the Archaeological data 
'Nuzi Personal Names' 
10:30--11:00 OZAWA, Kazuhiro Optimality and Constructions of Designs with 
Split-block Structure
11:00--11:15 Coffee Break
Session 3-2:
11:15--11:45 ODA, Yoshiaki An asymmetric annalogue of van der Veen conditions and
the traveling salesman problem
11:45--12:15 KATONA, Gyula Y. A large set of non-Hamiltonian graphs
12:15--12:45 KANEKO, Atsushi Alternating Hamiltonian cycles with
minimum number of crossings in the plane
12:45--14:00 Lunch Time
Session 3-3:
14:00--14:30 MATSUI, Yasuko Complexity Results for Calculating Power Indices of 
Weighted Majority Games
14:30--15:00 IVANOV, Alexander A. On graphs of girth 5
15:00--15:30 TSUCHIYA, Takashi Polynomial primal-dual path-follwoing algorithms for
second-order one programming
15:30--16:00 Coffee Break
Session 3-4:
16:00--16:30 MARZETTA, Ambros The Library of Parallel Search Algorithms ZRAM
and its Applications
16:30--17:00 ISOKAWA, Yukinao The shapes of osculatory packings of disks
17:00--17:30 ITOH, Yoshiaki Oriented Graphs Generated by Random Points on a Circle

Schedule and Program