Research Collaboration Startup

We offer the opportunity to consult with us to discuss the possible introduction of statistical methodologies into research projects. As such, we have established the Research Collaboration Startup Program, which can help experts from various fields understand how to introduce statistical methodologies into their research projects to use their data to meet their objectives.
In general, we ask Program applicants to visit our Institute to have an in-person consultation. Please kindly be advised that because we receive many applications, there may be a significant wait for your consultation.
The scope of the consultation not only includes a discussion of analysis methods for data already collected, but also a discussion of methods for data collection and surveys and the planning of experiments.

Application procedure

Applications for the Research Collaboration Startup project should be sent via email or fax containing the following information. When sending your application via email, please include the required information in the body text; do not attach any files.

  1. A statement that you approve the publication of your application’s content and the ensuing consultation via our annual report. Please refer to the note below regarding the publication of applications.
    Example: “I approve the publication of the content of my application via your Institute’s annual report.”
  2. Name
  3. Organization (If you are an affiliate of any organization, please be sure to note this.)
  4. Organization Type [Please select from the following]
    (Public research institute / University / Public service organization / Medical service organization / Private company [Please specify the industry field below, if possible] / Academic association / Other [Please specify the organization type here])
    ◆ Industry field (Construction, Manufacturing, IT, etc.: [           ])
  5. How did you learn about our Research Collaboration Startup? [Please select from the following]
    (Our web site / Brochure / Flyer / Our Institute’s teaching staff [please specify who] / At the Institute reception desk / Acquaintance other than the Institute’s teaching staff / Other [Please specify])
  6. Contact information (Please be sure to specify at least one of the following items.)
    Email Address
  7. Content of your application (Please be specific in describing major issues to be resolved.)

Subject of Email or Fax Application for Research Collaboration Startup
Applications should be sent to the following email address

※Please be advised that after submitting an application all applicants for this Startup project must make an appointment to visit our Institute to have a consultation about the detailed project.

Notes regarding the Submission of Applications

  • Irrespective of whether your application leads to a cooperative research project, any application that our Institute and an applicant have consulted about will be disclosed in our Institute’s annual report under the Project for Fostering and Promoting Statistical Thinking and Other Advisory Projects section. The information that will be published includes: the name and affiliation of the applicant, the date of reception of the application, and a summary of the application. (The summary will be approximately one sentence. The text will be determined after consulting with the applicant.) Our annual reports are available in print and on our website in PDF format.
  • We also publish the results of how this program contributes to academic achievements (academic articles or presentations) or social benefit via our annual reports. Please notify us of any such contributions. 【Reference】Annual Report (PDF)
  • We do not provide any advice regarding school assignments given in any university or graduate school courses because such assignments and school projects are intended to be solved by individual students within their university or school system.