About This Center

Machine learning is a research field on autonomous systems that learn empirically with data. It is based on statistical science that concerns inference from data, and computer science that studies computation and algorithms. The application of machine learning is broad, ranging from the engineering fields including robotics and information sciences to natural scientific fields such as brain science. In particular, the recent application of machine learning to various internet service technologies has been providing an essential foundation of the current world.

Since its foundation in 1944, The Institute of Statistical Mathematics has been carrying out researches including computational sciences, in addition to traditional statistical fields, based on the wide recognition of statistical sciences. We believe our institute is among the most appropriate organizations to play a central role in advancing the researches in the machine learning area because of its statistical and computer scientific nature.

The Research Center for Statistical Machine Learning aims at supporting the research community of the field as an activity of the Network Of Excellence Establishing Projects, and producing influential research works by carrying out various research projects with domestic and international collaborations.