On Sep. 2nd, Service Science NOE will hold a seminar.

This is a TENTATIVE announcement of a Services Science NOE seminar on Friday, September 2nd.

Date: 2pm-3:30pm, Friday, September 2nd.
Place: 4F Lounge (D420) in The Institute of Statistical Mathematics
Speaker: Dr. Colin Harrison (IBM)
Title: Resilient Society
RSVP to hm2@ism.ac.jp, cc: to mshino@ism.ac.jp

At this moment Dr. Harrison’s schedule is still fluid, and there is a fair chance that this talk will be canceled. I will let you know by 11am Friday morning whether this seminar really happens.

【About the Speaker】
Dr. Harrison is a Distinguished Engineer in IBM’s Enterprise Initiatives team leading technical strategy for Smarter Cities. He was the inventor of the Smarter Cities technical architecture, which grew out of 2007 work on Energy & Environment offerings and a technology assessment on the Instrumented Planet. During 2007-2009 he was director in the corporate strategy group, leading business strategy development for Smarter Cities.
He is also a Master Inventor.

He was previously Director of Strategic Innovation in IBM’s Integrated Technology Delivery in Europe and Director of Global Services Research in IBM’s Research Division, where he held many leadership positions.
Following his university studies in England and Germany, he spent 1972-77 at CERN in Geneva developing the SPS accelerator and its pioneering distributed real-time control system. He then returned to EMI Central Research Laboratories in London, and lead the development of the world’s first clinically useful MRI system in 1978. He joined IBM in San Jose in 1979 and has enjoyed a career leading from micromagnetics to medical imaging, parallel computing, mobile networking, intelligent agents, telecommunications services, knowledge management, and now Smarter Cities.
In October 2004 he was elected to the IBM Academy of Technology.

Resilient Society

The world is a dangerous place and becoming more dangerous in recent decades. What roles can ICT play in mitigating the risks of natural and man-made disasters both from a humanitarian and a business point of view?
This talk will review IBM’s participation in humanitarian disaster response and in helping enterprise customers to repair and restore their ICT systems and business processes. The talk continues to consider how ICT can make public and private sector business processes more resilient using extensions of our work on Smarter Cities.