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Statistical Mathematics Seminar 2020

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April - May
Date Speaker Title
Apr 15 Postponed
Apr 22 Postponed
May 13 Postponed
May 20 Postponed
May 27 Postponed
June - July Online seminars (We are sorry, but the seminars are only for internal staff.)
Date Speaker Title
Jun 3 Hironori Fujisawa HMLasso: Lasso with high missing rate
Jun 3 Tomoko Matsui Current situation for COVID-19 measures
Jun 10 Ayaka Sakata Bayesian inference of infected patients in group testing with prevalence estimation
Jun 10 -
Jun 24 Hideitsu Hino Local differential privacy for functional linear regression
Jun 24 Daichi Mochihashi Towards probabilistic latent semantic scaling
Jul 1 Stephen Wu Efficient hierarchical Bayesian model for soil property prediction using Gibbs sampling
Jul 1 Momoko Hayamizu Treefit: Software for quantitative trajectory inference using single-cell gene expression data
Jul 8 Shinto Eguchi Reinforcement learning and dynamical treatment regimes
Jul 8 -
Jul 15 Daisuke Murakami Geographical factor analysis of Covid19 using compositionally warped Gaussian process
Jul 15 Yoshiyuki Ninomiya Sparse estimation and selective inference in propensity score analysis
Jul 22 Mirai Tanaka TBA
Jul 22 Hideaki Ishibashi Principal component analysis for GP posteriors
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