Place: Seminar Room 5 (D313, D314)

Open: 15:30
Time: 16:00-17:20
[Part 1] 16:00-16:40
[Part 2] 16:40-17:20

Statistical Mathematics Seminar 2018

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April - May
Date Speaker Title
Apr 25 Jiancang Zhuang On extensions of earthquake clustering models
Apr 25 Teppei Ogihara Local Asymptotic Mixed Normality for integrated diffusion processes
May 9 Genta Ueno Data assimilation into a numerical weather prediction model
May 9 Mirai Tanaka Efficient algorithm for constrained nonconvex sparse optimization
May 16 Ayaka Sakata Approximate message passing for nonconvex sparse penalty: convergence condition and model selection
May 16 Wu Stephen Discovery of high thermal conductivity polymer using Bayesian inverse design
May 30 Donald Richards Integral transform methods in hypothesis testing for gamma distributions
May 30 Ryo Yoshida Materials informatics: State-of-the-art and future perspectives
Date Speaker Title
Jun 6 Yukito Iba MCMC sampling of rare trajectories in dynamical systems and its applications
Jun 6 Shunichi Nomura Inversion of plate dynamics by non-stationary renewal process
Jun 13 Junji Nakano Dissemination of software developed in ISM
Jun 13 Kazuhiro Minami Evaluation of statistical disclosure control techniques with official microdata
Jun 20 Yoichi M. ITO Assessing the uncertainty in a normal tissue complication probability difference (△NTCP): radiation-induced liver disease (RILD) in liver tumour patients treated with proton vs X-ray therapy.
Jun 20 Daichi Mochihashi Statistical text analysis in political science
Jun 27 Satoshi Ito Wildcard clinch and elimination numbers for league sports with predefined tie-breaking rules
Jun 27 Yoshiyuki Ninomiya A Cp criterion for selecting marginal structure in causal inference
Jul 4 Daisuke Murakami A pre-compression approach for large-scale spatial modeling
Jul 4 Masaaki Imaizumi Estimation for non-smooth probability density functions by Szemeredi's partition
Jul 11 Hironori Fujisawa Independently interpretable lasso: A new regularizer for sparse regression with uncorrelated variables
Jul 11 Matthew Ames Which risk factors drive oil futures price curves? Speculation and hedging in the short-term and long-term
Date Speaker Title
Oct 3 Hideitsu Hino Bootstrap outlier test with applications
Oct 3 Kenji Fukumizu Variational learning on aggregate outputs with Gaussian processes
Oct 10 Yumi Takizawa Study on microwave circular polarization antenna and its application - Novel configuration for wideband and high gain response
Oct 10 Nobuo Shimizu Categorical variables selection of aggregated symbolic data
Oct 17 Masayuki Henmi Copas-Jackson bound revisited:an application to network meta-analysis
Oct 17 Yoshihiko Miyasato Adaptive consensus control of Euler-Lagrange system
Oct 24 Hiroka Hamada Research diversity index for evaluation of research performance
Oct 24 Shin'ya Nakano Non-parametric regression for spherical vector field estimation
Oct 31 Yoshinori Kawasaki On the causal relationship between cabinet approval rate and stock market return
Oct 31 Ryozo Yoshino "Prevent fraud!" --- "Science of Data" for profiling victims of special fraud
Date Speaker Title
Nov 7 Shimatani Kenichiro Missing individual-based data and estimation of population dynamics parameters
Nov 7 Mitsuru Toyoda Optimal control of probabilistic boolean control networks and its application
Nov 14 Tomoko Matsui Automatic speaker recognition: current trends and challenges
Nov 14 Hideaki Nagahata Analysis of variance for multivariate time series
Nov 21 Shinuke Koyama Modeling event cascades using networks of additive
Nov 21 Shinto Eguchi Generalized mixture modeling
Nov 28 Maeda Tadahiko A few topics on the administration of social surveys
Nov 28 Fumikazu Miwakeichi Detection of change points in time series
Dec 5 Shogo Kato A measure for comparing upper and lower tail probabilities of bivariate distributions
Dec 5 Hironao Yamada Property prediction of organic and inorganic molecules using machine learning
Dec 12 Mikio Morii Image reconstruction for an X-ray telescope with an angular resolution booster
Dec 12 ZHANG Junchao The effect of transportation benefits on health and consumption among the elderly: Quasi-Experimental evidence from urban China
Date Speaker Title
Jan 9 Jun Adachi History of extinct organisms and biodiversity by ancient DNA analysis
Jan 9 Satoshi Kuriki On existence of the MLE for Kronecker product covariance structure: A tensor rank minimization problem
Jan 30 - -
Jan 30 Momoko Hayamizu A structre theorem for subdivision trees and its potential applications to phylogenetic data analysis
Feb 6 Atsushi Yoshimoto Optimal habitat connection through spatially constrained harvest schedulingwith area restrictions
Feb 6 Satoshi Yamashita The arrival of the era of large-scale data profiling; social change, research compliance, necessary technology and experiment example.
Feb 13 Hisashi Noma Exact and accurate statistical inference methods for multivariate meta-analysis
Feb 13 Takashi Yamamoto Estimating spatial distribution dynamics of animals using a probabilistic algorithm.
Feb 20 Ikuko Funatogawa Not rejected null hypothesis
Feb 20 Masayo Hirose Analysis of a disaster prevention consciousness survey at Cho-Chome level
Feb 27 Yoosung PARK The survey on the migrants into local area
Feb 27 Shuhei Mano Samplers with computational algebra and their applications
Mar 6 Shiro Ikeda Solving Self-calibration for radio interferometry
Mar 6 Naomi Tamura The effect of parental socioeconomic status on infant's gestational age and birth weight: using birth cohort study data
Mar 13 Yuma Uehara Estimation theory for misspecified non-Gaussian stochastic equation models
Mar 13 Takaaki SHIMURA Distributions related to subexponential class
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