Place: Seminar Room 5 (D313, D314)

Open: 15:30
Time: 16:00-17:20
[Part 1] 16:00-16:40
[Part 2] 16:40-17:20

Statistical Mathematics Seminar 2016

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April - May
Date Speaker Title
Apr 13 Hisashi Noma Model evaluation criterion for multiple imputation
Apr 13 Shiro Ikeda Risk assessment of radioisotope contamination for aquatic living resources in and around Japan
Apr 20 Satoshi Yamashita The risk validation of apartment loan : a survey and structuring data
Apr 20 Naomasa Maruyama PC-BSD as a research assisting environment
Apr 27 Ikuko Funatogawa Longitudinal data analysis, panel data analysis
Apr 27 Shuhei Mano The A-hypergeometric system associated with the rational normal curve and the statistical inferences
May 11 Takahiro Otani A comparison of multiple testing methods in genome-wide association studies
May 11 Park Yoosung Sense of "ikigai"(reason for living) and social support in the Asia-Pacific region
May 18 Hayafumi Watanabe The statistical properties of the time series of appearance of adjectives in Japanese nationwide blog data and their applications
May 18 Takaaki Shimura Variety of distributions of which truncated means are asymptotically equal
May 25 Shizu Itaka Spatial data generation using GIS for building Japanese oak wilt spread model
May 25 Yukito Iba State space modeling for survival analysis and implementation in STAN
Date Speaker Title
Jun 8 Teppei Ogihara Quasi-likelihood analysis for diffusion with noisy, nonsynchronous observations
Jun 8 Akiko Takeda DC formulations and algorithms for sparse optimization
Jun 15 Mikio Morii Search for transient astronomical objects
Jun 15 Masayo Hirose A efficient confidence interval for small area inference
Jun 22 Daichi Mochihashi The infinite tree hidden Markov model
Jun 22 Robert Shcherbakov Statistics and physics of aftershocks
Jun 29 Jiancang Zhuang Replenishing missing data in the observation record of mark point processes
Jun 29 Manabu Kuroki Counterfactual based prevented fractions
Jul 6 Satoshi Kuriki Testing dimensionality of multivariate variance components
Jul 6 Michel van de Velden Inverse multiple correspondence analysis
Jul 20 Genta Ueno Future climate projection based on an ensemble experiment
Jul 20 Stephen Wu Whole brain imaging of Caenorhabditis elegans ラ machine learning
Date Speaker Title
Oct 5 Ayaka Sakata Generalized degrees of freedom as an effective density of non-zero components in sparse estimation
Oct 5 Yo Sheena Asymptotic expansion of the risk of maximum likelihood estimator with respect to $\alpha$-divergence as a measure of the difficulty of specifying a parametric model
Oct 12 Kenji Fukumizu Maximum likelihood estimation without likelihood
Oct 12 Tomoko Matsui Speech recognition using generalized distillation framework
Oct 19 Ryo Yoshida Materials informatics: Simulation-integrated data science in materials research and development
Oct 19 Toshio Honda Variable selection and structure identification for varying coefficient Cox models
Oct 26 Kazuhiro Minami Statistical disclosure control for tabular data
Oct 26 Satoshi Ito Generalized moment problems and bilateral cutting plane
Date Speaker Title
Nov 9 Evgeny Spodarev An inverse problem in the theory of infinitely divisible random fields
Nov 9 Toshikazu Kitano Extreme value analysis by employing numerous ensemble members output by climate model
Nov 16 Takahiro Tsuchiya Some issues of check-all-that-apply
Nov 16 Tsukasa Ishigaki Personalized consumer behavior modeling with big-data
Nov 30 Yoshiyasu Tamura Curent status of Fukushima Dai-Ichi
Nov 30 Junji Nakano Aggregated symbolic data visualization by parallel coordinate plot
Dec 7 Nobuo Shimizu A modeling of aggregated symbolic data with categorical variables
Dec 7 Hironori Fujisawa Robust estimation using unnormalized model with application to outlier ratio estimation
Dec 14 Masayuki Henmi Synthesis of regression coefficients under different categorization scheme of continuous covariates
Dec 14 Ryozo Yoshino Some viewpoints on cross-national survey on national character
Dec 21 Yoshihiko Miyasato Cooperative control of multi-agent systems on directed graph
Dec 21 Eiji Motohashi Cross-media analysis considering long-term effects of TV advertising and word-of-mouth
Date Speaker Title
Jan 11 Mathias Drton A Bayesian information criterion for singular models
Jan 11 Yoshinori Kawasaki Effective search for masked explanatory variables in linear regression
Jan 25 Atsushi Yoshimoto Inter-temporal spatial aggregation for the resource management within the discrete optimization framework
Jan 25 Song Liu Recent development on learning sparse changes between graphical models
Feb 1 Koji Kanefuji On the Inverse Gaussian distribution
Feb 1 Ichiro Ken Shimatani Estimation about number of un-detected species: developments based on the results by Chao et al.
Feb 8 Tadahiko Maeda Analysis of paradata in interviewer-mediated surveys
Feb 8 Shin'ya Nakano Development of a method of Antarctic ice core dating
Feb 22 Shinsuke Koyama Projection smoothing for stochastic dynamical systems
Feb 22 Shinto Eguchi Generalized Boltzmann machines related to activation functions
Mar 1 Fumikazu Miwakeichi Estimation of neuronal network structure and causality based on optical imaging data analysis
Mar 1 Jun Adachi Advancement of an ancient DNA studies for exploring bio-diversity in a lost ecological systems
Mar 8 Shogo Kato A family of copulas for bivariate circular data
Mar 8 Yumi Takizawa Study in neural system and application to measurement system
Mar 15 Takashi Nakamura Surveys of Japanese national character and cohort analysis
Mar 22 Kashiwagi Nobuhisa Bayesian methods for data analysis
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