Vol.70, No.1 (2022) Contents

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Special Topic: Public Health —Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)
1-2 On the Special Topic “Public Health —Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)”
3-26 Space-time Hotspot Clusters of New Coronavirus and Improvement of Accuracy for Estimating Effective Reproduction Number Based on It —As an Example of Tokyo—
Fumio ISHIOKA, Hiroe TSUBAKI, Takafumi KUBOTA and Kazuyuki SUZUKI
27-39 Time Series Analysis of Inter-generational and Inter-regional Dependence of COVID-19 Cases
Daisuke MURAKAMI and Tomoko MATSUI
41-58 Behavioral Change of Each Person for Preventing Novel Coronavirus Infection and Risk Prevention —Seesaw Model and Analysis of the Effect of Mask Mandate for Motivation—
Kazuyuki SUZUKI
59-68 Reconstruction of Covid-19 Epidemic in Japan Using a Meta-population Model and Evaluation of Its Expressibility
Masaya M. Saito, Shouhei Takeuchi, Takenori Yamauchi and Mitsuo Uchida
69-88 Trends in Papers on the Infectiousness of COVID-19
89-114 Cutoff Evaluation and ROC Analysis for Bayesian Group Testing
Ayaka SAKATA and Yoshiyuki KABASHIMA
115-126 An Analysis of Regional and Gender Differences in the Increase in Suicide Rates after the COVID-19 Pandemic in Japan; Focusing on the Industrial Structure of Municipalities
Mayumi OKA, Takafumi KUBOTA, Hiroe TSUBAKI and Keita YAMAUCHI

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