Vol.62, No.1 (2014) Contents

Vol.62, No.1

Special Topic: Design and data analysis of epidemiologic studies:Recent methodological developments and practices
1-2 On the Special Topic "Design and Data Analysis of Epidemiologic Studies: Recent Methodological Developments and Practices"
Shigeyuki MATSUI, Shizue IZUMI and Manabu KUROKI
3-24 Epidemiologic Studies with Location Information and Their Statistical Methods
Kunihiko TAKAHASHI, Shizue IZUMI and Ayano TAKEUCHI
25-44 Theory and Methods for the Case-cohort Studies
Hisashi NOMA
45-58 Probabilities of Causation and Their Evaluations
59-75 Estimation and Sensitivity Analysis of Direct and Indirect Effects
Masataka TAGURI
77-92 Sensitivity Analysis for Biases in Observational Studies
Ayano TAKEUCHI and Hisashi NOMA
93-102 Statistical Analysis Using Pairwise Conditional Likelihood Methods
Yoshinori FUJII
103-122 Semiparametric Statistical Methods for Missing Data
Masayuki HENMI
123-133 Integration of Tumor Molecular Features into Epidemiologic Studies for Assessing Etiologic Heterogeneity

135-159 Note of Risk Caused by Shortage of Margin in Commodity Futures Listed on Tokyo Commodity Exchange under the Global Financial Crisis
Yoshimitsu AOKI

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