Vol.55, No.2 (2007) Contents

Vol.55, No.2

Special Topic: Data Science on Cultural Studies
199 On the Special Issue "Data Science on Cultural Studies"
Masakatsu MURAKAMI
201-222 Behavior Landscape of Palaeo-human Ecology and Its Visualization - Analysis of Lithic Distribution Using A-index and MDS -
Hiro'omi TSUMURA
223-233 A Quantitative Analysis of Portraits of Kabuki Actors
Masakatsu MURAKAMI and Jiichiro URABE
235-254 Analysis of Motions for Multiple Roles in Nihon Buyo - Quantitative Analysis of Leg Movement in "Hokushu" -
Mamiko SAKATA, Mieko MARUMO, Woong CHOI and Kozaburo HACHIMURA
255-268 Authorship Identification Using Random Forests
Mingzhe JIN and Masakatsu MURAKAMI
269-284 Teaching the Reading and Writing of Technical Papers in Japanese: A Study of Selected Conjunctive Words and Particle-phrases in Expository Writings
285-310 On the Stability of Public Opinion Data of Chinese Value Survey with Respect to Sampling Methods - A Note for the Development of Cultural Manifold Analysis (CULMAN) -
Akira HOROIWA, Ryozo YOSHINO and Yuejun ZHENG
311-326 Developing an Area Sample Based on Street Maps for Social Survey without Frames - A Case Study of Consciousness Survey Conducted in Tokyo -
Yuejun ZHENG

327-336 A Statistical Consideration of Two-step Optimization in Parameter Design
Toshihiko KAWAMURA and Kosei IWASE
337-348 On The Transition of Household-size Distributions
Sumie UEDA and Hiroshi MAEHARA

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