Vol.44, No.1 (1996) Contents

Vol.44, No.1

Special Topic: Development of Computational Statistics
1-2 On the Feature Articles on Development of Computational Statistics
Yoshiyasu TAMURA
3-18 Bootstrap Method - An Introduction from a Two Sample Problem -
Jin Fang WANG and Masaaki TAGURI
19-30 Genetic Algorithm and Monte Carlo Filter
Tomoyuki HIGUCHI
31-48 On Monte Carlo Filter and Smoother
49-84 Markov Chain Monte Carlo Algorithms and Their Applications to Statistics
Yukito IBA
85-98 On Artificial Neural Networks as a Statistical Model
Yoshiharu SATO

99-104 A Conjecture from Simulations of Sojourn Times and Hamming Weights by m-sequences - On Multiples of a Certain Primitive Polynomials over GF(2) -
105-119 Generalization of Channel Capacity Based on Stochastic Processes and Its Statistical Response Properties
Hiroaki HARA, Kazuyuki KOJIMA and Yoshiyasu TAMURA

121-125 Modern Authors' Idiosyncrasies as Seen through the Use of Commas
Mingzhe JIN
127-131 A Quantitative Analysis of Genji-monogatari
Masakatsu MURAKAMI
133-137 On the Origin of Japanese Language

139-143 ISM Cooperative Research Program (1995)

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