Hirotugu, Akaike

Hirotugu, Akaike

November 5, 1927 Born in Shizuoka Prefecture.
1952 Researcher, The Institute of Statistical Mathematics
(Technical Official of Ministry of Education)
1986 Director-General, The Institute of Statistical Mathematics(~1994)
1994 Professor Emeritus, The Institute of Statistical Mathematics Professor Emeritus, The Graduate University for Advance Study
August 8, 2009 Died of pneumonia in Ibaraki Prefecture.

Dr. Hirotugu Akaike led the world of the Time Series Analysis in 1960s by his research and development of spectral analysis technique, multivariate time series model, statistical control methods, and TIMSAC, the software for time series analysis.

In 1970s, Dr. Akaike proposed Akaike Information Criterion. Dr. Akaike established the very new paradigm of statistical modeling, which was based on the view of the prediction and completely different from traditional statistical theory. It greatly influenced in broad area of research.

In 1980s, Dr. Akaike promoted to put Bayesian model into practical use. Dr. Akaike's research became the pioneering role for the development of new processing system for time of large scale information.

Dr. Akaike's Research

Sokendai Journal No.12 Feartured the Statistical World of Hirotugu Akaike. (in Japanese)
Statistical World of Hirotugu Akaike Sokendai Journal No.12 Featured the Statistical World of Hirotugu Akaike. (in Japanese)