List of Qusetion

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QNo Nickname Contents

Q1V7.30BStandard of living in country 10 years ago
Q2V7.30AYour standard of living 10 years ago
Q3V7.31Living conditions in future
Q4V7.18EHappiness in future
Q5V7.18BPeace of mind
Q7V7.18People's Health
Q8V8.80The country's goal
Q9a.V2.30Extent of worry: Serious illness
Q9b.V2.30DExtent of worry: Car accident
Q9c.V2.30EExtent of worry: Unemploy- ment
Q9d.V2.30FExtent of worry: war
Q9e.V2.30GExtent of worry: Nuclear power accident
Q10a.V7.80AHousehold expenses: Health care
Q10b.V7.80BHousehold expenses: Motering costs
Q10c.V7.80CHousehold expenses: Home appliance
Q10d.V7.80DHousehold expenses: Food
Q10e.V7.80EHousehold expenses: Beauty care
Q10f.V7.80FHousehold expenses: Vacation and leisure
Q10g.V7.80GHousehold expenses: Clothes
Q10h.V7.80HHousehold expenses: Housing
Q10i.V7.80IHousehold expenses: Expenses for Children
Q10j.V7.80JHousehold expenses: Smoking or drinking
Q11V4.11Respect for ancestors
Q12 V4.10Adopt a child
Q13V4.80Ideal number of children
Q14a.V2.80AHealth problems: Headaches
Q14b.V2.50BHealth problems: Backaches
Q14c.V2.50CHealth problems: Nervousnes
Q14d.V2.50DHealth problems: Depression
Q14e.V2.50EHealth problems: Insomnia
Q15V2.3GSatisfaction with health
Q16V1.8Living class
Q17V7.81Choose money or free time
Q18V2.8"If had enough money, still work"
Q19V7.25Life without work
Q20V7.24Most important aspect of job
Q21V2.81Work conflicts with private life
Q22V2.4Attitudes towards life
Q23V2.3FQuality of life in the area where you live
Q24a.V5.80ASafety in neighborhood : Burglary
Q24b.V5.80BPersonal safety
Q25V7.82Idle grasshopper and diligent ant
Q26a.V2.7AThe most important thing
Q27a.V5.81AImportance: Immediate family and children
Q27b.V5.81BImportance: Career and work
Q27c.V5.81CImportance: Free time and relaxation
Q27d.V5.81DImportance: Friends
Q27e.V5.81EImportance: Parents and other relative
Q27f.V5.81FImportance: Religion and church
Q27g.V5.81GImportance: Politics
Q28V2.3CSatisfaction with family life
Q29V2.82Satisfaction with life
Q30V7.19Success: Ability or Luck
Q31V4.81Attitude towords govermental assistance
Q32V7.1Science and loss of human feeling
Q33V4.5Teaching children money is important
Q34V8.1BLeave it up to political leaders
Q35V2.1Custom vs. conscience
Q36V7.2Mechanization and human feeling
Q37V4.30Home is relaxing place
Q38V4.32Marriage is permanent
Q39V4.31Housework and child care
Q40V4.4Rumor about teacher
Q41V5.1Benefactor death-bed
Q42V5.1BReal father death-bed
Q43V2.5Man and nature
Q44V7.4Improve the country or make people happy
Q45V5.1DImportant thing
Q46V5.6HDesirable person: efficient vs. friendly
Q47V2.2BConsensus vs. principle
Q48V51C1Employment examination: Relative
Q49V51C2Employment examina tion: son of benefactor
Q50V5.6Type of boss preferred
Q51V2.12Are people helpful most of the time
Q52V2.12BAre most people fair
Q53V2.12CAre most people trustworthy
Q54a.V2.83ALife: Most people are helpful
Q54b.V2.83BLife: Part of community
Q54c.V2.83CLife: People live for today
Q54d.V2.83DLife: Way of earning money is important than amount
Q54e.V2.83ELife: People feel lonely
Q55V7.36Improvement of everyday life through science
Q56V7.33Computers change our lives
Q57a.V7.83Some illness treated by methods other than modern medicine
Q57b.V7.84Science permits understanding the human mind
Q57c.V7.85Resolution of social and economic problems through science
Q58a.V7.86ASafe method for nuclear wastes disposal
Q58b.V7.86BCure for cancer
Q58c.V7.86CCure for senility
Q58d.V7.86DLiving in space stations
Q59V7.34Energy conservation
Q60V7.35Environmental preservation
Q62a.V3.1Religious faith
Q63V3.2Religious attitude
Q64V3.3All Religions Same
Q65V8.81Political stance
Q66V8.82Interest in politics
Q68V8.83Satisfaction with democracy
Q69V8.84Legal system
Q70V7.87Employer vs. Employee
Q71V8.8Attitudes concerning society
Q72AV8.85AProfound transformation of society
Q72BV8.85BThe way of changing society

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