There are three objectives for the Surveys on the Japanese National Character.

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Elucidation of the National Character
The first objective is to use the results of the surveys to identify the thinking and attitudes of Japanese nationals, as well as the changes to these over time. We aim to gain abundant insight through the continuation of this survey.
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Research and Development of Survey Methodology
The second objective is to research and develop, through the actual survey, new approaches to statistical surveys that can adapt to a dynamic social change. The social environment surrounding the survey has undergone significant change over the past half century, such as with the declining response rate, and the arrival of various media, such as the Internet. We aim to develop statistical survey techniques that align with these social realities, while keeping in mind that further changes will occur to the social context in the future.
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Research and Development of Statistical Analysis Techniques
The third objective is to research into more sophisticated statistical analysis techniques. We aim to use actual survey data, rather than hypothetical data, such as with simulations, to develop statistical methods that have concrete utility.