Pacific Rim Value Survey


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This is the the website ofgPacific Rim Value Surveyh (2004-2009 fiscal year) by the cross-national survey team of the Institute of Statistical Mathematics (Chief Ryozo Yoshino), with the financial support by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS): Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (A) No.18252001. We are developing this study in order to exemplify practical research of a new methodology for cross-national comparative survey, called CULMAN (Cultural Manifold Analysis) (See Yoshino [2005b] and Yoshino, Nikaido and Fujita [2009]). Some historical background of this study is as follows. (See Yoshino [2001, 2005c, 2006], Yoshino & Hayashi [2001], and Yoshino, Nikaido & Fujita [2009] for more detailed English explanation on the history, methodologies such as back-translation technique for constructing questionnaire and statistical random sampling, and a paradigm of cross-national comparability. As for the information on our past surveys, see the series of ISM Research Reports published over decades or our home page of the Institute of Statistical Mathematics. ( )