Jan. 2021


2021 Group Award of Royal Astronomical Society

the Event Horizon Telescope team

Dec. 2020


Nakazato, et al., SPIE

Oct. 2020


Uemura, Abe, Yamada, Ikeda, "Feature selection for classification of blazars based on optical photometric and polarimetric time-series data," Publications of the Astronomical Society of Japan, 72(5), 74, (arXiv)

Aug. 2020

Published online

Ohsawa, et al., "Relationship between radar cross section and optical magnitude based on radar and optical simultaneous observations of faint meteors," Planetary and Space Science, (arXiv)


Aizawa, Suto, Oya, Ikeda, Nakazato, "Search for alighnment of disk orientations in nearby star-forming regions:Lupus, Taurus, Upper Scorpius, ρ Ophiuchi, and Orion," The Astrophysical Journal, 899(1), 55, (arXiv)

May. 2020


Yamaguchi, Akiyama, Tsukagoshi, Muto, Kataoka, Tazaki, Ikeda, Fukagawa, Honma, Kawabe, "Super-resolution imaging of the protoplanetary disk HD 142527 using sparse modeling," The Astrophysical Journal (Link)

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