Updated on 20 May 2010

  International Workshop on Statistical Seismology


Time: 1:30 - 5:30 pm, 31th May

Place: Seminar Room 3 (D312A) The Institute of Statistical Mathematics

at Tachikawa campus Access in English: http://www.ism.ac.jp/access/index_e.html

Access in Japanese: http://www.ism.ac.jp/access/index_j.html


- Katsunori Sugaya (Institute of Statistical Mathematics):

Omori's law c-value and the rate-and state dependent friction parameters estimated by the off-fault seismicity activated due to a large earthquake


- Matthew Gerstenberger (GNS Science, New Zealand):

A new generic model for aftershock occurrence


- Changsheng Jiang (Institute of Geophysics, China Earthquake Administration):

The background seismicity of Ordos block in China


Coffee Break


- David Harte (Statistical Research Associates, New Zealand):

Characterising New Zealand Seismicity Using Various Forms of the ETAS Model


- Shun'ichi Nomura (Graduate University of Advanced Study):

A Bayesian predictor of recurrent earthquakes based on BPT model with slip data