Updated on 8 January 2009

vnkwۃ[NVbv  International Workshop on Statistical Seismology (Statsei)

6F 6th International Workshop on Statistical Seismology (Statsei6)

StatSei6 from 12 April to 16April,2009 at Lake Tahoe, California


We like to announce the next International Workshop on Statistical

Seismology (StatSei6) to be held in California. The Southern California

Earthquake Center (SCEC, www.scec.org) will be hosting this workshop at

the Granlibakken facility (www.granlibakken.com) at Lake Tahoe,


The organizing committee is in the process of preparing the scientific

program. Topics of this workshop will include:


- Statistics of the two fundamental laws of observational seismicity

(Gutenberg-Richter & Omori-Utsu)

- Time-dependent earthquake forecasting and hazard

- Basic concepts in statistical seismology, e.g., recurrence

- Prospective and retrospective testing of earthquake forecasts

- The international Collaboratory for the Study of Earthquake

Predictability (CSEP)

- Testing weather and climate forecasts


The workshop lectures will be by invitation only but all participants are

encouraged to present posters.


SCEC is preparing a meeting website with additional information and

possibilities to register. Please stay tuned for more information soon.


For the organizing committee of StatSei6


Danijel Schorlemmer



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