• About SOKENDAI (The Graduate University for Advanced Studies)

About SOKENDAI (The Graduate University for Advanced Studies)

An Exclusively Graduate School (without Undergraduate Schools)

SOKENDAI (The Graduate University for Advanced Studies) is the first university in Japan that consists only of graduate schools-that is, it does not have any undergraduate schools or programs. (It could be called an "independent graduate university".)
The graduate schools of SOKENDAI offer only two kinds of program: the Five-year term Ph. D. course and the Three-year term Ph. D. course.

Advanced specialist education in research facilities and general education cultivating broad views

Ph. D. programs at SOKENDAI provide an ideal education and research environment, offering direct access to large-scale or special experiment/ observation facilities, as well as academic materials and data at worldclass research institutes in Japan (IURI). In our Ph. D. programs, students can be in daily communication with cutting-edge researchers in Japan and abroad as one of the leading international research centers. Having 2~3 faculty members per student, SOKENDAI offers, in a custom-made manner, both advanced specialist education and general education cultivating broad views.

Research and Education System

SOKENDAI is affiliated with parent institutes (“Kiban Kikan,” in Japanese), consisting of Inter-University Research Institutes operated by four Inter-University Research Institute Corporations and one research institute of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency.
SOKENDAI offers both a “dispersed” and an “integrated” research and education system: “dispersed” in that research and education on discipline-specific, advanced are carried out at each parent institute; “integrated” in that interdisciplinary research and education, including those in disciplines in which the parent institutes specialize, are provided. SOKENDAI also offers interschool/departmental education programs that meet new academic wishes and development.