• Five-year Ph. D. programs

Five-year Ph. D. programs

General Admission to the Department of Statistical Science is not open to foreigners who reside outside Japan.
Please see the following pages of the SOKENDAI website.
The Application Process of Japanese Government Scholarship Students
Application Process of Privately Financed Students

Admissions Guide for October 2018 & April 2019 & October 2019 Commencement

[Important!] Use of TOEFL-iBT score for written exam for English
Starting with applications for October 2013 and April 2014 commencement, the Department of Statistical Science will accept TOEFL-iBT scores for the written exam for English.
* For contents and details, make sure to check the Applications Handbook.

■ Application Requirements

* For details of application requirements check the Applications Handbook.

■ Application Period

2018 October Commencement (Period 2) July. 13 (Fri.) to July. 19 (Thu.), 2018
2019 April Commencement (Period 1) July. 13 (Fri.) to July. 19 (Thu.), 2018
2019 April Commencement (Period 2) Nov. 30 (Fri.) to Dec. 6 (Thu.), 2018
2019 October Commencement (Period 1) Nov. 30 (Fri.) to Dec. 6 (Thu.), 2018

■ Entrance Exam Dates

2018 October Commencement (Period 2) Aug. 21 (Tue.) to Aug. 24 (Fri.), 2018
2019 April Commencement (Period 1) Aug. 21 (Tue.) to Aug. 24 (Fri.), 2018
2019 April Commencement (Period 2) Jan. 22 (Tue.) to Jan. 25 (Fri.), 2019
2019 October Commencement (Period 1) Jan. 22 (Tue.) to Jan. 25 (Fri.), 2019

* Details about exam times will be provided when you are sent your exam admission ticket.

■ Necessary Documentation for Application

* For details about the documentation that needs to be submitted with applications, check the Applications Handbook.

■ Message to Applicants Sitting Exams

If you wish to enroll in this department, please refer to the Applications Handbook for information about the fields of education and research in which the Department of Statistical Science offers supervision, as well as their guidelines, and check details about offered subjects and the main educational focus of academic supervisors. Then write the name of your preferred academic supervisor from the Department of Statistical Science in the "preferred academic supervisor" field of the application form.

(In the field for second preference, up to three names can be written. In this case, please write your preference order by writing numbers to the left of the academic supervisor names.

When you are accepted for enrollment in the program, your main academic supervisor and other academic supervisors will be decided. When this decision is made, the preferences you wrote in the "preferred academic supervisor" in the application form will be taken into account, so please consider this choice carefully.

Note that it is possible to change your main academic supervisor and other supervisors after enrollment, in accordance with your research interests and direction.

If you would like more detailed information to help in deciding your preferred supervisor, we recommend that you consult directly with the relevant department staff members by email or phone, or by visiting the department in person.

If you have any other questions, please contact us as explained below.

On the "Preference Reasons Form," please write (1) details of the research you wish to pursue at the graduate school; (2) the personal abilities that you would like to highlight; (3) your research vision; and (4) your thoughts regarding books, scientific papers, lectures, or presentations you have read or listened to that you find interesting, combining your thoughts into a short text of approximately 2,000 Japanese characters or 800 words in English. Please keep in mind that the content of this form will be used as a reference during the admission interview.

■ Selection Method

Selection of applicants will be based on documentation screening, written exams, and an interview.
[Documentation screening] 
Assessment will be based on the "Preference Reasons Form" and transcripts of undergraduate academic performance.
[Written Exams] 
Written exams are used to assess whether applicants have cultivated the level of basic knowledge in mathematics and English necessary to pursue their desired research.

・For mathematics, there is a 2-hour exam, with questions on linear algebra and analysis (e.g., differential and integral calculus, and probability).
・For English, a TOEFL-ITP (Level 1) test will be held on the same day and in the same place as the mathematics exam. The test is 2 hours long.

<Note> If you submit a TOEFL-iBT score, this score will be used for your assessment and you will not need to sit for the written exam for English.
For details of the score submission, refer to the Applications Handbook.

* TOEFL-ITP (Institutional Testing Program) is a TOEFL test for institutions, administered by the department at a designated date/time and place.
* Exam results will be utilized only for the purposes of the department's admission exam; results will not be disclosed to the applicant. 

Interviews will be used to make a comprehensive assessment of your aptitude as a researcher through questions and answers.

■ Acceptance Criteria

Decisions on whether to accept applicants will be based on an overall evaluation of the results of the documentation screening, written exams, and interview.

■ Past Written Exam Questions

Click here for a list of past exam questions. >>

■ Inquiries regarding any of the above

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