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About the Risk Analysis Research Center

The society that we live in today is experiencing unprecedented globalization as a consequence of rapid developments in information and communication technologies. Although globalization improves economic efficiency, the supply of systematic support for preventing socioeconomic risks remains insufficient to meet the intense demand. Risk management measures have never been as greatly needed as they are today.

In order to manage these risks scientifically, it is necessary to develop models for various forms of ‘uncertainty’ and evaluate the risks in a quantitative manner. Such an approach is urgently required in a variety of applied fields, including disaster prediction and mitigation, financial risk management, environmental conservation, risk assessment for resource management, and data security management.

The Risk Analysis Research Center has two goals. First, we are devoted to developing and establishing methodologies for risk evaluation and management across various disciplines. This can be done partly by applying the statistical methodologies that the Institute of Statistical Mathematics has developed throughout its history. The second goal is to establish the Network Of Excellence, a network of researchers in multiple disciplines related to risk analysis that share a need for statistical methodologies. To this end, we will strive to achieve a safe and risk-free society.



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