Department of Statistical Data Science

The Department of Statistical Data Science conducts research on data design methods aimed at managing uncertainty and incompleteness of information, quantitative methods for evidence-based practice, and related data analysis methods. Moreover, the department investigates methods for inferring the latent structures in target phenomena from observation data.

Survey Science Group

The Survey Science Group promotes research on the design of statistical surveys, development of statistical analysis methods on survey data, privacy protection in official statistics, and their applications. By exploring complex phenomena in various fields, the group also aims to contribute to practical applications in academia and policy-making through social surveys.

Metric Science Group

The Metric Science Group conducts research aimed at identifying and evaluating statistical evidence through quantification of phenomena that have not been measured thus far, as well as efficient information extraction from large databases. The group investigates related methods and develops methods for analyzing the collected data. By working on applied research in various fields of real science, the group aims to advance practical, applied, statistical mathematical research based on evidence.

Structure Exploration Group

The Structure Exploration Group conducts research on statistical science aimed at inferring the latent “structure” behind various target phenomena in biology, physics, and social science, based on observational data. The group focuses on machine learning, Bayesian reasoning, experimental design methods, and spatial-temporal analysis methods to investigate micro/meso/macroscopic and spatial-temporal dynamic structures in target phenomena.