Statistical Mathematics Seminars 2012
January, 2013 - March, 2013

Date     Speaker Title
   Jan.  9 (Wed.) a Ryo Yoshida Analyzing chemical compounds using graph kernels: prediction and structural design
   Jan.  9 (Wed.) b Shigeyuki Matsui Developing and validating biomarkers in clinical trials for predictive medicine
   Jan. 16 (Wed.) a* Takayuki Yamada Test for assessing multivariate normality which is available for high-dimensional data
   Jan. 16 (Wed.) b* Masaya Saito Enhancement of collective immunity by selective vaccination against emerging influenza pandemic
   Jan. 30 (Wed.) a Daichi Mochihashi Correlated Hierarchical Dirichlet processes
   Jan. 30 (Wed.) b Eiki Tanaka A spinor approach to crystal structure and materials science
   Feb.  6 (Wed.) a Manabu Kuroki Sharp bounds on causal effect using a surrogate endpoint
   Feb.  6 (Wed.) b Tomoko Matsui Music genre classification using self-taught learning via sparse coding
   Feb. 13 (Wed.) a Masayuki Henmi Estimation of treatment effects based on possibly misspecified Cox regression
   Feb. 13 (Wed.) b Dou Xiaoling Dependence Structure of Bivariate Order Statistics and its Applications
   Feb. 20 (Wed.) a Atsushi Yoshimoto Evaluation of Forest Ecological Service and Discrete Optimization Modeling
   Feb. 20 (Wed.) b Jiancang Zhuang Testing seismicity anomalies: Against complete randomness? Or against earthquake clustering models?
   Feb. 27 (Wed.) a Ruriko Yoshida Nonparametric Estimation of Phylogenetic Tree Distributions
   Feb. 27 (Wed.) b Kei Kobayashi DeRobertis separation, its generalization and application
   Mar.  6 (Wed.) a Yoshinori Fujisawa A family of skew-unimodal distributions with mode invariance
   Mar.  6 (Wed.) b Zapart Christopher High time to recognise econophysics
   Mar. 13 (Wed.) a Satoshi Ito Convex optimization in measure spaces: Discreteness and continuity in infinite dimension
   Mar. 13 (Wed.) b Kenichiro Shimatani Diversity of population dynamics models depending on data, sites, species and objective
Updated: February 5, 2013