Statistical Mathematics Seminars 2012
September, 2012 - October, 2012

Date     Speaker Title
   Sep. 26 (Wed.) a Hisashi Noma Statistical inference for two-stage designs in epidemiology
   Sep. 26 (Wed.) b Yoosung Park Does Goal-Oriented Managerial Behavior Promote Intrinsic Motivation and Interpersonal Facilitation of Public Officials in Prefectural Governments on Performance Evaluation System?
   Oct.  3 (Wed.) a Hiroshi Maruyama Systems Resilience
   Oct.  3 (Wed.) b Yukito Iba Rare event sampling in nonlinear dynamical systems
   Oct. 10 (Wed.) a Shogo Kato A family of distributions on the circle characterised by its trigonometric moments
   Oct. 10 (Wed.) b Kazue Suzuki Attempt to develop a method for dating Antarctic Ice Core
   Oct. 17 (Wed.) a Koji Kanefuji Models for Ambient Water Quality Criteria for Dissolved Oxygen
   Oct. 17 (Wed.) b Shiro Ikeda A study of the Bayes risk with U-divergence loss
   Oct. 24 (Wed.) a Jun Adachi Molecular evolution and phylogenies
   Oct. 24 (Wed.) b Genta Ueno Ensemble-based sensitivity analysis: no more adjoint codes
   Oct. 31 (Wed.) a Yoshiyasu Tamura Data Analysis of Fukushima Nuclear Power Station Accident -Has the accident been brought under control?-
   Oct. 31 (Wed.) b Satoshi Yamashita Estimation Methods for Loss Given Default
Updated: August 24, 2012