Statistical Mathematics Seminars 2012
June, 2012 - July, 2012

Date     Speaker Title
   Jun.  6 (Wed.) a Shinto Eguchi Minimum power entropy method for clustering and density estimation
   Jun.  6 (Wed.) b Hiromichi Nagao Data assimilation of atmospheric and ionospheric perturbations excited by large earthquakes
   Jun. 13 (Wed.) a Naomasa Maruyama Modernization of Statistical Information Resource Navigation System
   Jun. 13 (Wed.) b Shin'ya Nakano Data assimilation under nonlinear observation
   Jun. 27 (Wed.) a Osamu Komori Generalization of t-statistic: investigation of a relationship among t-statistic, AUC and K-L divergence
   Jun. 27 (Wed.) b Ying Cao Efficiency of taxon sampling on stability of Bayesian divergence times estimation: A case study of Cetacean mitochondrial genome evolution
   Jul. 11 (Wed.) a Fumikazu Miwakeichi Spatio-temporal modeling of neural mass activation
   Jul. 11 (Wed.) b Hsien-Kuei Hwang Threshold phenomena in k-dominant skylines of random samples
   Jul. 18 (Wed.) a Henry P. Wynn A discussion of Bayesian learning
   Jul. 18 (Wed.) b Ilia Negri Approximation for compound Poisson processes arising in change-point type statistical models as limiting likelihood ratios
Updated: July 2, 2012