Statistical Mathematics Seminars 2012
April, 2012 - May, 2012

Date     Speaker Title
   Apr. 11 (Wed.) a Satoshi Kuriki Abstract tubes associated with perturbed polyhedra with applications to multidimensional normal probability computations
   Apr. 11 (Wed.) b Seisho Sato An analysis for financial time series by using state space model
   Apr. 18 (Wed.) a Toshihiko Kawamura A Statistical Approach to Robust Parameter Design
   Apr. 18 (Wed.) b Hiroe Tsubaki Statistical Decision after Risk Acceptance
   Apr. 25 (Wed.) a William Dunsmuir Detecting and modelling serial dependence in discrete valued time series
   Apr. 25 (Wed.) b Yoshinori Kawasaki A nonparametric specification test in time series regression
   May  9 (Wed.) a Takahiro Tsuchiya Residents Survey in Tama
   May  9 (Wed.) b Yoichi Nishiyama Moment convergence of Z-estimators and Z-process method for change point problems
   May 16 (Wed.) a Junji Nakano Regression analysis for aggregated symbolic data
   May 16 (Wed.) b Tadahiko Maeda Topics from sociolinguistic surveys
   May 23 (Wed.) a Yoshihiko Miyasato Control problems of multi-agent systems
   May 23 (Wed.) b Peter Surovy Functional-Structural Plant Models (FSPM) and its use for branching optimization
   May 30 (Wed.) a Nobuo Shimizu Clustering for interval-valued functional data
   May 30 (Wed.) b Yumi Takizawa Neural Signal Processing and its Application to Time-Space Estimation
Updated: May 7, 2012