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#5.25 Leader's qualifications
(Hand card) In your unit, what qualifications should a good leader have? Please select three most important ones.
1Bring benefits to workers
2Respected and liked by workers
3Technical expertise
4Sincere toward colleagues
5Young and capable
6Good external relations, know a lot of people
7Other(Specify)8 D.K.
Target : All        
Ques. No.Bring bene- fitsRe- spect- edExper- tiseSin- cereYoung and capa- bleGood exter- nal rela- tionsOtherD. K.Total
XIII (2013)*           
XII (2008)*           
XI (2003)
X (1998)
IX (1993)
VIII (1988)*           
VII (1983)*           
VI (1978)*           
V (1973)*           
IV (1968)*           
III (1963)*           
II (1958)*           
I (1953)*           
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