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#3.6 Religion or science
(Hand Card) How do you think of religion generally? Please choose the statement below that comes closest to your opinion.
1Religion cannot save humanity; only advancement in science can save humanity
2Advancement in science and the power of religion need to cooperate in order to save humanity
3Advancement in science and the redemption of humanity are unrelated. Only the power of religion can save humanity
4Neither advancement in science nor the power of religion can save humanity
5Other(Specify)6 D.K.
Target : All        
Ques. No.Refute religionReligion and science cooperateOnly religionRefute bothOtherD.K.Total
XIII (2013)M33124533218101(1,579)
XII (2008)M3494923218101(1,573)
XI (2003)*         
X (1998)*         
IX (1993)*         
VIII (1988)*         
VII (1983)K2975442717100(2,256)
VI (1978)*         
V (1973)*         
IV (1968)*         
III (1963)*         
II (1958)*         
I (1953)371063980999(2,254)
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