Vol.63, No.1 (2015) Contents

Vol.63, No.1

Special Topic: Statistical Seismology Research for Earthquake Predictability
1-2 On the Special Topic "Statistical Seismology Research for Earthquake Predictability"
Yosihiko OGATA
3-27 Stochastic Prediction of Earthquakes --A Strategy for the Research
Yosihiko OGATA
29-44 Evaluation Methods of Earthquake Forecasts
Jiancang ZHUANG and Yosihiko OGATA
45-64 Modeling Seismicity Anomalies
65-81 Real-time Short- and Intermediate-term Forecasting of Aftershocks after a Main Shock
Takahiro OMI
83-104 Point Process Models for Recurrent Earthquakes at Active Faults and Their Long-term Forecast
Shunichi NOMURA
105-127 Inversion Analysis of GPS Data and Forecast of Earthquake Occurrence
Mitsuhiro MATSU'URA and Akemi NODA
129-144 Earthquake Forecasting Based on the Correlation between Earth Tides and Earthquake Occurrences
Takaki IWATA

145-161 Probability of Recovery from Default Loan to Performing Loan
163-195 "Obake(Ghost) Surveys" Revealing Underlying Structure of Heart and Mind: Some Relevant Data from Asia Pacific Values Survey (APVS)
Yoosung PARK and Ryozo YOSHINO

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