Vol.61, No.2 (2013) Contents

Vol.61, No.2

Special Topic: Statistical Analysis on Environmental Risk -- Database and Analysis --
179 On the Special Topic " Statistical Analysis on Environmental Risk --Database and Analysis--"
181-188 A Trial for Evaluating Effects of Climate Change on National Scale Carbon Dynamics Using a National-level System for Simulating Forest Carbon Dynamics
Yasushi MITSUDA, Hidesato KANOMATA and Mitsuo MATSUMOTO
189-200 Snow Damage Analysis by Discrete Regression Models
Ken-ichi KAMO, Akio KATO and Atsushi YOSHIMOTO
201-216 Sustainable and Adaptive Forest Management and Data Infrastructure under Stand-based Silvicultural System
Toshiaki OWARI
217-231 Environmental Sciences and Big Data -- Current Status and Future Perspective on Biodiversity Informatics in Japan --
Takeshi OSAWA and Utsugi JINBO
233-246 Derivation of Dose-response Relationships for Risk-risk Trade-off Assessment Regarding Substitution of Lead-free Solder for Lead Solder
Jun-ichi TAKESHITA and Masashi GAMO
247-256 Relevance of Degree of Radiation Contamination of Soil and Air Radiation Dose Rate in Neighborhood of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant
Megu OHTAKI, Keiko OTANI, Tetsuji IMANAKA, Satoru ENDOU and Masaharu HOSHI
257-270 Data Assimilation System for Seismoacoustic Waves --Verification by a Twin Experiment--
Hiromichi NAGAO and Tomoyuki HIGUCHI
271-287 Analysis of Data with Many Zero-valued Observations: Over-estimation of Temporal Trend by Negative Binomial Regression
Mihoko MINAMI and Cleridy E. LENNERT-CODY
289-305 Use of Directional Statistics in Environmental Science
Kunio SHIMIZU and Minzhen WANG
307-322 Parameterization of a Forest Stand Growth Model Using Long-term Field Survey Plot Data
Yasushi MITSUDA, Kazuo HOSODA and Toshiro IEHARA

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