Vol.55, No.1 (2007) Contents

Vol.55, No.1

Special Topic: Statistical Data Visualization
1-2 On the Special Issue "Statistical Data Visualization"
3-25 XML-based Interactive Statistical Graphics - Practical Use to Web-based Statistical Environments -
Yoshiro YAMAMOTO, Tomokazu FUJINO and Masaya IIZUKA
27-45 A Java Library for Statistical Graphs Using Design Patterns
Yoshikazu YAMAMOTO, Junji NAKANO and Keisuke HONDA
47-68 The Textile Plot Environment
Natsuhiko KUMASAKA and Ritei SHIBATA
69-83 3 Dimensional Parallel Coordinate Plot
Keisuke HONDA and Junji NAKANO
85-100 Geostatistical Analysis for Small Area Statistics and Its Visualization Using SVG
Yoshimi KAMEGAWA, Tomokazu FUJINO and Tomoyuki TARUMI
101-112 Visualizing Geostatistical Data by Using GoogleMapsAPI
Takafumi KUBOTA and Tomoyuki TARUMI
113-124 Multivariate Geographical Data Visualization Using Linked Statistical Graphics
Ikunori KOBAYASHI, Yoshikazu YAMAMOTO, Junji NAKANO and Jung Jin LEE

125-142 Multivariate Probit Analysis Based on Comprehensive Survey of Living Condition of the People on Health and Welfare : Home Long-term Care Utilization under National Long-term Care Insurance System
143-157 An Experimental RDD Survey for Comparing within a Household Respondent Selection Methods
159-175 An Empirical Study of Item Count Technique Based on Face-to-face Interviews : Some Suggestions for Its Application
Takahiro TSUCHIYA, Yoko HIRAI and Shigeru ONO
177-195 A Method of Traffic Shaping Based on a Traffic Identification and Estimation
Hirotada HONDA

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