Vol.51, No.2 (2003) Contents

Vol.51, No.2

Special Topic: Statistical Disclosure Control Techniques
181 On the Special Issue "Statistical Disclosure Control Techniques"
183-197 Simple Methods for Nonparametric Estimation of Population Size Indexes
Shido SAI
199-222 Labor Force Survey and Rotation Sampling
Satoru KANOH
223-239 Posterior Probability of Population Uniqueness in Microdata
Yasuhiro OMORI
241-260 Current trends in Theoretical Research of Statistical Disclosure Control Problem
261-295 Number of Categories with a Singleton in Sample and Population
Masaaki SIBUYA
297-319 Microdata Disclosure Risk Evaluation with Superpopulation Models : A Review
321-335 Theory of PRAM and Problems in Practical Use
Tomokazu FUJINO and Tomoyuki TARUMI
337-350 Statistical Disclosure Control for Tabular Data and Current Trends in Theoretical and Applied Research
Atsuhiro TAKI
351-372 Pitman Sampling Formula and Related Topics
Hajime YAMATO and Masaaki SIBUYA
373-388 A Survey on the Use of Official Micro Data for Economic Analyses in Japan

389-406 Kernel Flexible Discriminant Analysis for Classifying High-dimensional Data with Nonlinear Structure and Its Applications
Tomohiro ANDO
407-446 Abstracts of Research Works in 2002

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