Vol.48, No.2 (2000) Contents

Vol.48, No.2

Special Topic: New Approaches to Study in Writing Style and Vocabulary
269 On the Special Issue "New Approaches to Study in Writing Style and Vocabulary"
Masakatsu MURAKAMI
271-287 On Natural Language Statistical Information Processing
Mingzhe JIN
289-310 Discovering Similar Poems from Anthologies of Classical Japanese Poems
Masayuki TAKEDA, Tomoko FUKUDA, Ichiro NANRI, Mayumi YAMASAKI and Koichi TAMARI
311-326 Identify a Text's Genre by Multivariate Analysis - Using Selected Conjunctive Words and Particle-phrases -
327-337 Approaching to the Synoptic Problem by Factor Analysis
Maki MIYAKE, Hiroyuki AKAMA, Migaku SATO and Masanobu NAKAGAWA
339-376 Analyzing Open-ended Questions : Some Experimental Results for Textual Data Analysis Based on InfoMiner
Noboru OHSUMI and Ludovic LEBART

377-405 Abstracts of Research Works in 1999

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