Vol.46, No.2 (1998) Contents

Vol.46, No.2

Special Topic: Computation and Optimization
281 On the Special Issue "Computation and Optimization"
283-296 A Scaling-invariant Self-dual Subfamily of the Monteiro-Tsuchiya Family of Search Directions for the Primal-dual Algorithms for Semidefinite Programming
297-316 Using the Conjugate Gradient Method in Interior-points Methods for Semidefinite Programs
Kazuhide NAKATA, Katsuki FUJISAWA and Masakazu KOJIMA
317-334 Information Geometric Analysis of Semidefinite Programming Problems
Atsumi OHARA
335-343 Homotopy Methods and Interior-point Methods
345-358 Optimality and Duality of Semi-infinite Programming
Satoshi ITO
359-381 Problems of Optimal Configuration of Points on the Sphere
383-399 Teleological Model
401-409 Methds for Searching the Maximum Likelihood Tree
Ying CAO and Masami HASEGAWA
411-431 Exact Algorithms for Combinatorial Optimization Problems Using PUBB - A Generalized Utility for Parallel Branch-and-bound Algorithms -
Yuji SHINANO and Tetsuya FUJIE
433-444 Special-purpose Computers for Scientific Simulations
Makoto TAIJI

445-460 Performance Evaluation on Parallel Computer Systems in Executing Statistical Data Analysis
Fumihiko SHIMODAIRA, Tomonori SHIRAKAWA and Yoshiyasu TAMURA
461-476 Uniform Approximations of Probability Distributions Based on K-L Information Defined on Approximate Main Domains - With Applications to Quantitative Evaluations of Fluctuations in Multivariate General Exponential Families -
Tomoya YAMADA and Tadashi MATSUNAWA
477-491 Modelling of Complicated Visco-elastic Material and Its Inverse Problem : Riemann-Liouville Integral Representation
Hiroaki HARA, Sang Seok LEE, Tunehiro OBATA and Yoshiyasu TAMURA
493-522 Abstracts of Research Works in 1997

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