Vol.43, No.2 (1995) Contents

Vol.43, No.2

Special Topic: Development of Computational Statistics
257-258 On the Feature Articles on Development of Computational Statistics
Yoshiyasu TAMURA
259-271 Parallel Processing on a Workstation Cluster - Computation of Density of State for a Large Molecule and Homology Analysis of Large Character Sequences -
Umpei NAGASHIMA, Sachiko HYUGAJI, Satoko SAKATA, Haruo HOSOYA, Satoshi SEKIGUCHI and Mitsuhisa SATO
273-283 A Simulation of Cloud Formation
285-292 Porting TIMSAC72 for MS-Windows to UNIX
Yoshikazu YAMAMOTO, Junji NAKANO and Yoshiyasu TAMURA

293-311 Development of Distributions - The Legendre Transformation and Canonical Information Criteria -
313-327 An Analysis of the Household Saving Rate by Bayesian Cohort Model - Application of the Economic Theory to Bayesian Model -
Kosei FUKUDA and Takashi NAKAMURA
329-339 Lifetime Distributions of Some Extended Consecutive-k-out-of-n:F Systems
Toshihide KITAKADO
341-365 The Classification of Languages by the Two Parameter Model for Word Ordering Rule
Sumie UEDA and Yoshiaki ITOH
367-375 Problems in Education and Research Environment in the Field of Statistics at the University Level
Masakatsu MURAKAMI

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