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If you cannot find a solution on this page, please also consult help page on the Editorial Manager site.

Common Problems

Cannot open pdf files. What should I do?

We have noticed that previous versions of Adobe Reader (or Acrobat) are not compatible with IE9. You will want to upgrade the latest Reader, or try the following solution:

  1. Right-click on the link and select "Save Target As..." to save the file on your own computer.
  2. Please open the file directly in Adobe Reader.
I encountered a message that Internet Explorer is unsupported. What should I do?

Currently, Editorial Manager does not officially support Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8. Please access Editorial Manager via Google Chrome or Firefox if you are a Windows 8 user. Otherwise, please set your browser to run using Compatibility Mode

  • by clicking the icon_ie_yabure.png icon in the address bar, or
  • by selecting "Compatibility View" from Tools menu.


Authors' Problems

I have posted my submission but get no response. Why?

Perhaps your submission is not complete yet.

  1. Please log in to the Editorial Manager.
  2. If your paper record is found in "Submissions Being Processed", then your submission is successfully complete. You can check the status of your paper by clicking on "Correspondence" link.
  3. Papers in "Incomplete Submissions" or "Submissions Waiting for Author's Approval" need your action. Please note that your submission will be complete by clicking the link "Approve Submission", which means the pdf file of your paper is ok and you will send it to the editorial office.

For details, please see this guide for authors.

I have completed my submission, but it is returned to me by technical check. How to modify?

Your submission is returned because it has problems in your manuscript and/or in submission data. Please read instructions written in the e-mail and modify your submission.

Please see this step-by-step guide for authors.

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