Tutorial Programs and Consultation

Tutorial courses on statistical science are held four times a year for the benefit of researchers, students, and the general public. The first course is presented at a beginner's level and the others at an advanced level. Those offered during 2003-2004 are as follows:

- in 2003 -

- in 2004 -

In addition, once or twice a year the Institute holds a special lecture to inform the public of various topics that have emerged out of research and study.

The Institute also endeavours, chiefly through the Center for Information on Statistical Sciences, to acquaint the public with the statistical methodology developed in the course of research, and to offer services for consultancy.

The Institute accepts graduate students, technicians, and researchers from universities and private institutions for non-degree programs of continuing education. Since 1989 the Institute has also run a degree-awarding graduate school for general research in statistical sciences.