One of the driving forces behind the rapid progress of modern science has undoubtedly stemmed from the broad communication of research findings through international journals and reports. For the sake of publicizing its activity throughout academic and industrial circles, the Institute launched the Annals of the Institute of Statistical Mathematics (AISM) in 1949 shortly after its foundation. AISM has today a world-wide reputation and is listed in citation review journals. The aims of the AISM and how to submit manuscripts are shown in the excerpt below.

The Aims and Scope of AISM

Annals of the Institute of Statistical Mathematics (AISM) aims to provide an international forum for open communications among statisticians and research workers working with the common purpose of advancing human knowledge through the development of the science and technology of statistics.

AISM will publish the broadest possible coverage of statistical papers of highest quality. The emphasis will be placed on the publication of papers related to the following activities: (a) establishment of new areas of application, (b) development of new procedures and algorithms, (c) development of unifying theories, (d) analysis and improvement of existing procedures and theories, (e) communication of empirical findings with supporting real data.

In addition to papers by professional statisticians, contributions from authors in various fields of application will be published. Authors discussing applications are encouraged to contribute a complete set of data used in their papers to the AISM Data Library. The Institute of Statistical Mathematics will distribute it upon request from readers (see pages 405 and 606, Vol.43, No.3, 1991). The final objective of AISM is to contribute to the advancement of statistics as the science of human handling of information to cope with uncertainties. Special emphasis will thus be placed on the publication of papers that will eventually lead to significant improvements in the practice of statistics.

Submission of papers: Manuscripts may be submitted by the authors in two ways: (i)Four copies of each paper may be sent to the Editorial Office. (ii)Four copies of each paper may be sent to an Editor. In the latter case, one copy should be sent simultaneously to the Editorial Office with the copy of the forwarding letter addressed to the Editor in transmitting the paper. In both cases, the date of receipt of the paper is the one on which the paper with the covering letter is received at the Editorial Office.

AISM is presently distributed by Kluwer Academic Publishers, Tokyo. Titles and abstracts of papers in recent volumes can be found at the internet site of the Institute (

The Institute publishes another periodical, Proceedings of the Institute of Statistical Mathematics, having made its first appearance in 1953, now carries scientific papers and articles on topics of research (in Japanese with abstracts in English). For titles of those papers, refer to

In addition to the two journals mentioned above, the Institute issues six technical reports:

The Research Memorandum, though denominated as memorandum, has almost the content of a full research paper, and thus fulfills the important mission of giving immediate publicity to research findings; it enables the Institute's staff to announce achievements with minimal delay.

A list of the six reports released in 2003 - 2004 follows. Any one who wishes to get copies of these reports, please e-mail resinfo.