Emergent invitation about Wenchuan Earthquake


Dear Dr. Zhuang,


What's up? As you know what happened in our country, recent days, a special 'Wenchuan Earthquake Expert Group' was setup and led by Ministry of Science and Technology and China State Department directly, the duty is to provide the pivotal science and technology services for 'National Headquarters for Earthquake Disaster Mitigation'. It was composed of six sub-group, Prof. Zhang Guomin and Prof. Wu Zhongliang preside over the "Aftershock Sub-Group". Prof. Wu decide to engage the international best scientists in each research field, we know you are the best choice and have the irreplaceable advantage than other people in ETAS and aftershock research. As you know, the situation is so cri due to the large aftershock will occur anytime, so, Prof. Wu want to know whether you can accept this emergent invitation and back Beijing before Wednesday (28, this month)? Need your response as soon as possible. TKS







My best regards


Jiang changsheng


Institute of Geophysics, China Earthquake Administration

No.5 Minzu Daxue Nan Rd.,

Haidian District

Beijing 100081, China