List of Softwares: Genshiro Kitagawa

  List of Softwares by Genshiro Kitagawa

  • TIMSAC-78. Computer Science Monographs, No. 11, The Institute of Statistical Mathematics (1979) (with H.Akaike, E.Arahata and F.Tada)

  • OUTLAP, An outlier analysis program. Computer Science Monographs, No. 15, The Institute of Statistical Mathematics (1980)

  • TIMSAC-84, Part I and II. Computer Science Monographs, The Institute of Statistical Mathematics, Tokyo No.22 and No.23 (1985) (with H.Akaike, T.Ozaki, M.Ishiguro, Y.Ogata, Y.Tamura, E.Arahata, K.Katsura and Y.Tamura)

  • FORTRAN 77 時系列解析プログラムパッケージ, 岩波ソフトウェアライブラリ, 岩波書店 (1993)

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