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In this web page we outlined the broad areas in which the Institute of Statistical Mathematics takes part. We hope that you now understand that the activities of the Institute of Statistical Mathematics extend over into the entire realm of science and culture.

Today, in the information age, an immense amount of data is being accumulated in every aspect of society. These data will be useful only when we can pick out effective information from them. In the near future, statistical methods, which aim at putting data and information to practical use, will become increasingly valuable not only in the areas of science and industry, but also in public administration. The Institute of Statistical Mathematics is making efforts to both develop theory for this and extend the range of application. We are advancing the development of statistics, the basis of science and culture.

§1 On the Institute of Statistical Mathematics

The Institute was founded in 1944 as an organisation attached to the Ministry of Education, and has attained a variety of distinguished research achievements as the only independent research institute on statistical science in Japan.

With the remarkable advance in scientific research in recent years, the Institute has been called upon to become a centre for university researchers and others to co-operate mutually in the research of statistics. In April, 1985, the Institute was reorganised into an inter-universities to contribute to the development of scientific research in universities.

Further, on June 28, 1989, the Institute expanded once again into an inter-university research institute: an organisation for joint use by researchers of national, prefectural, municipal, and private universities. We have continued to make efforts to ease joint use by researchers throughout the country, researchers from abroad, to co-operate in postgraduate education, hold seminars to announce research, and conduct research services.

On December 21, 1990, the Statistics Research Liaison Committee of the Science Council of Japan published a report entitled "Concrete measures to secure preparedness for research and education in statistics". The Committee defined statistics as "the science which aims at the development and effective use of statistical concepts in close co-operation with other sciences, while heeding the informational aspect of the statistical concept originated from the study of mass phenomenon". The increase in the areas relevant to joint research conducted by this Institute show without question that this definition is taking shape. In this way, the Institute of Statistical Mathematics is increasingly becoming a central organ in Japan for both statistical theory and its practice.

This Institute conducts theoretical and empirical research in basic statistics, statistical analysis method, prediction control based on statistical models, natural science applications, social science, and so on. Software for statistical analysis and extramural courses for adults are also available. Please visit this page to know about our research departments and centers.

§2 On the establishment of the Department of Statistical Science, School of Mathematics and Physical Science, the Graduate University for Advanced Studies.

In October, 1988, the Graduate University for Advanced Studies began to offer education for latter-term doctoral students and for conducting research. It was created by making good use of excellent human resources and having functions in the organisations for joint use by universities to educate and train researchers with creative talent and open minds to cope with the new stream of scientific research.

One of its basic organisations is the Institute of Statistical Mathematics, where the Department of Statistical Science, School of Mathematical and Physical Science was established. Here, professional education and research in statistics is conducted by implementation of basic statistics courses, survey, experiment and analysis courses, prediction control courses, and interdisciplinary statistics courses.

§3 Software for statistical information processing

Software for statistical information processing developed by the Institute of Statistical Mathematics is used in a wide range of areas from optimal control of industrial processes to electroencephalogram analysis and educational psychological data analysis.

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