Associate Professor, Survey Research Group, Department of Data Science
Phone: +81-50-5533-8500
E-mail: taka
Education: Bachelor of Education, Department of Education, Tokyo Univ., 1991
Master of Education, Graduate School of Education, Tokyo Univ., 1994
Degree: Doctor of Education, Tokyo Univ., 1997, Title of Doctoral Thesis: Generalized Homogeneity Analysis for Qualitative Data Analysis.
Employment: 1994-2000, Assistant Professor, The Institute of Statistical Mathematics
2000-2005, Associate Professor, The Institute of Statistical Mathematics
2005-present, Associate Professor, Department of Data Science, The Institute of Statistical Mathematics
Honors &
Kido award of the Japanese Association of Educational Psychology for 1997,
Award of the Behaviormetric Society of Japan for 1999
Statistical Survey Research
Nonresponse bias in social survey, Indirect questioning techniques, Mode effects in survey research

Selected Papers
(1)Tsuchiya, T., Hirai, Y. and Ono, S. (2007): A study on the properties of the item count technique, Public Opinion Quarterly, 71, 253-272.
(2)Tsuchiya, Takahiro (2005): Domain estimators for the item count technique, Survey Methodology, 31(1), 41-51.
(3)Tsuchiya, Takahiro (1998): Homogeneity analysis for partitioning qualitative variables, In Data Science, Classification, and Related Methods (eds. C.Hayashi, N.Ohsumi, K.Yajima, Y.Tanaka, H.H.Bock and Y. Baba), Springer-Verlag, 452-459.
(4)Tsuchiya, Takahiro (1996): A probabilistic multidimensional scaling with unique axes, Japanese Psychological Research, 38(5), 204-212.

Membership of Academic Societies
Japan Statistical Society, The Behaviormetric Society of Japan, Japan Classification Society, The Japanese Psychological Association, The Japanese Association of Educational Psychology